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Frequently Asked Questions

- How long does it take to register a new domain or move my existing domain?

Typically it takes 24-72 hours to register a new domain or have changes to your existing domain reflect across the internet. Times vary, and we often see it take far less time. We recommend you plan on at least 24 hours.


- How long will it take to move my site?

Most sites are moved within 3-7 days. Large sites or complex sites on a custom plan require extra planning and can take 2 weeks or longer. We minimize your downtime while preparing your move, and usually experience less than 30 minutes. Compare this to others who may have your site down for days while setting up on new hosting.


- What if i need a new site?

New development timeline varies depending on the number of pages, required functionality, and user experience choices. I typically recommend you plan for 5-10 business days of development and testing of your new site.


- Do you do SEO? Regulatory compliance for GDPR and CCPA?

We specialize in GDPR and CCPA setup and auditing. A thorough review of your site collects and classifies the data you store and what youA typical site move takes 3-7 days. New site development is 2 weeks.